We Had An Accident On My Bed This Morning 😭

Things had been going pretty well but we got a little off our routine last night because we had a dinner guest. I somehow forgot to take puppy out for late evening pee. So this morning he awoke extra early. I went to the bathroom and when I returned the bed was wet. Damn!

“I am cute”

I put him in the crate and made myself some coffee. Once caffeinated, I brought him outside hoping he would do all of his business. He finished peeing but didn’t complete the routine even after three laps around the pool. At least I got to enjoy a pretty sunrise. ☀️

“My spot under the chair has been improved by a comfy blanket”

Well now puppy is safely sleeping by my side. He’s on his back with his paws on my leg. We are bonding. One thing I’ve noticed is that he seems to register when I say “No!”. He’ll stop what he’s doing at least temporarily. Also when we’re walking, if he stops and I say “Come on!” he will continue walking. This is amazing.

“I am tied to the arm rest. Also, I haven’t yet learned how to swim”

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