Back at it

First post in a long long long long time.

What has changed?

I’m no longer doing my thing in Waterbury and Shelburne, Vermont.

Not working with students, dancers, makers.

Everything is out of my own little quarters up on a hill by a farm with dogs and dearest family members and sometimes sheep.  Occasionally from the local library.

What happened?

Not much.  Things just changed.  As they often do.  Focusing inward now. Processing, integrating, adjusting, re-evaluating, becoming more open, unraveling in the good sense.

And sometimes in the not-so-good sense. But mostly in the good sense.


Sometimes visited by blood-sucking montsters, and having to slay them.

Covering up the gaping wounds left by their invasions.

It’s great good fun.

stem mouth

Thought this thing sticking out of Nina’s mouth was a porcupine quill, but it turned out to be a lil ol’ twig stuck between her teeth.  Easily removed.