Just learning how to embed/link tweets


In my previous post about #passthescopeEDU I attempted to embed a few tweets, but didn’t understand the directions. So I quit and hit publish!

Sometimes you just have to let go.

Ya know?

But now I have the hang of it.

I think.

In tweet deck, I just have to click “link to tweet” and the link pops up in the compose box:


I copy that code:

and paste it into this here page.

And, voila.

Here.  I’ll try another:

So easy.  So easy that I’ll do it again. ‘Cause it’s fun:



There’s a moment where you see all this code on the page and then things start blinking like you’re in a club and things are flashing and there’s a beat and you’ve just had an adult beverage.  And then things get really calm and the tweet is just sitting there on the page like:


Then there’s a peaceful moment in which you say to yourself:

I can do this.

Yes, I can.

So here are a few more from #passthescopeEDU:

The hardest part is waiting a minute before moving on.  I hit the return key to keep going, but the curser is like:

Nah. Gimme a minute. Gotta chill for two.

Then you hit it again and it’s like:

i'm on it

Notice that the tweet above has my bitmoji avatar as my twitter avatar.  That’s my alter twitter account that I set up when I started my blog back in January!  That’s right.  I started a blog and then didn’t use it. Like many of my irons in the fire, this blog is a work in progress.  I own it.

struggle is real

That’s my friend and associate and her #passthescopeEDU bit.  I can’t remember what the Hamilton thing is about.  Better go back and view it again.  We had a lot going on!

working late

It was great fun.

Okay, hitting publish now.  See you again soon, I hope!

Deal with it

ps: that’s my “call to action”.


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