Wiggle Bots from @GetTeachergeek #teachergeek #makered #steam #WiggleBots

I was introduced to Teachergeek on Kickstarter last year.  A friend from Voxer, Rachel Pierson @RPiersonEdu, tipped me off.  We both went on a pledged our sponsorship.  A few months later, our WiggleBots arrived.


Having been making JitterBugs and ScribbleBots for years, this kit was intriguing for a few reasons.  I like the colors for one thing.


Really, I’m that much of a kid. Also, I like the gears.  Wobbling in different ways requires the ability to expand the reach of the revolutions.  I’ll get into that part later.



I also like the parts that allow tinkering that lenthens the bot so that different effects can be engineered, especially how it affects the scribbling aspect.

good idea copy

Repurposing what would otherwise go to the recyling bin is something I value, too, and WiggleBots have lots of ways to do that.

So I filmed the contents of the kit:




Then I had to pack everything up because the sun stopped shining on the deck.  That happens earlier and earlier each day and it’s sad.


The next day I brought the stuff out again, set up the camera, and got back to tinkering.



Here’s what I put together using the boomerang app on my iphone:

Here’s a clip that I posted to twitter:



Then it started raining and I had to put everything back indoors.


Here are some videos from @GetTeacherGeek that show the possibilities:


All the parts are back indoors and I’m thinking, “What will I create this evening?”

guess what

I have no idea.

Have you ever made something that moves?

Have you ever made something that scribbles?

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