Looking Into Puppy Trainers

It’s been my plan to train Neo. I’ve had two dogs so far and didn’t train them. I mean I sort of trained them in subtle ways but didn’t make it a project. But this time I’m serious.

So even though I really need to be shopping for a car since I don’t currently have one that functions, I spent some time yesterday shopping for a puppy trainer. Also available are puppy classes, the first one called Puppy Kindergarten.

There’s no reason why I couldn’t do both. So far I think I’m doing okay, but I want to get started soon. Neo is getting more and more comfortable in his new home which is good. But I want him to learn to come when he’s called and stay when he’s told to stay.

It’s a matter of safety. And I want him to be emotionally healthy while he’s learning to function in society. So far he’s a sweet little angel. I want to keep it that way.

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