#PassthescopeEDU August 2016 What we learned this summer and how we will implement it


August 18, 2016

The August topic for #passthescopeEDU circled around summer learning and how we would implement our new learning into our upcoming work.

what's good

Two evening prior to our broadcast, we did a quick promo.  It also served as a practice run for people who were new.  (Note, the recording does not include the text comments from the live audience.) Here’s my scope:

By the way, the hearts I referred to are Snapchats way of allowing viewers to praise your broadcast.  Each tap on the screen comes across as a heart.Periscope keeps track of how many hearts you have accumulated in total since you first opened your account.

much love.png

On Thursday, I happened to be especially busy even though “vacation” continues.  My work involved writing proposals for upcoming Maker programs for the fall.  I am constantly applying new learning and planning for more learning.



Since establishing a circle of fellow educators on Snapchat, I’ve been having fun with the lenses as I keep in touch as document my work. Below is a “Snapstory” that led up to the evening’s Periscope broadcast followed by an update the next morning.  In it,  I lightheartedly tell about our purpose in broadcasting. The next day, I followed up with some questions that came to me overnight.


I had been careful to not go on too long, which meant that I left things incomplete.  For instance, I mentioned on Thursday that my soldering iron was very basic and that I needed to upgrade. In the Snapstory on Friday I told about the lead-free solder and the different types that are availabe.  I also showed the Teacher Geek Bug robots that had been started during July’s Maker camp.

And here is the actual broadcast that went out as part of #passthescopeEDU Thursday evening.  I was not fully prepared! In fact, I was lucky that I managed to start on time.  I had been setting up an extension cord for the soldering iron when time slipped away for a little while.  All of a sudden, I just jumped on.

Oh no

It was okay; I did fine. Wish I had styled my hair, but



Here is a link to my blog post about Maker camp that I referenced. E-wearables at Green Mountain Performing Arts Company.

While on the subject of Making and Arts, here is a link to a post I was asked to write for EdSurge: Why Making and the Arts Need Each Other in Schools to Survive and Thrive | EdSurge News.

As soon as I finished the Periscope broadcast Thursday evening, I went back to twitter to correct the time I had announced for @mmebrady.  It wasn’t 6:15.  I should have said 6:30.


What did you learn this summer?

How will you implement your new learning?






One thought on “#PassthescopeEDU August 2016 What we learned this summer and how we will implement it

  1. Great post, Cynthia! Lol on the time! No worries! You have truly been one of my most inspirational Snapchatters, and I’m excited to implement some of what I’ve learned in a few weeks!!


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