Vacation MakerCamps in Waterbury, Vermont

Registration Page at Green Mountain Performing Arts


What can you expect at Vacation MakerCamp?


We make JitterBugs, ScribbleBots, and WiggleBots using Teachergeek materials.  We experiment with all sorts of movement, including with ArtBots that spread glitter or draw repeated patterns with markers.


Cars. We build all sorts of vehicles beginning with sailcars powered by everyday floor fans. We set up a track using sliced up pool noodles taped to the floor. Get ready for a friendly competition. Get set. Go!


After using wind power, we then build vehicles powered by rubber bands. It gets “tense,” but don’t worry. All the tension leaves us as our cars zoom around the room.


Finally, we build electric cars. Beginning with experimentation on gears and pulleys, we figure out how to make the turning shaft of the motor transform into motion upon the wheel axis to propel our cars forward. Vvvvrrrroooommmm.


That’s not all.


We build Keva Plank structures and then knock them down. We film their demise and edit our video to play it in slow motion and reverse. Building Keva Plank structures is both fun and educational.  The blocks do the teaching. Mechanical and engineering concepts include inertia, friction, trajectory, momentum, and chain reaction. Ping pong balls help.


We also experiment with sewn circuits using conductive thread and Lilypad electrical components from Sparkfun. We make illuminated bracelets, plushies with buttons and slider switches, and then move on to twinkling microcontrollers.  


There’s more.


Never let a day go by without a messy art project. That’s a rule. Watercolors, fingerpaint, tempura, puffy paint, and even acrylics are on hand.  Don’t forget the neon glitter paint! We have a blacklight standing by to make for some spooky creations. We aren’t limited to painting on paper. We paint all kinds of things. We have clay, model magic, popsickle sticks, and pinball machines. “What?” you say? Read on:


Cardboard pinball machines provide us with a clean canvas, so to speak, for manifesting our wildest imaginary games. Have you seen the Pinbox3000 created right here in Chittenden County? It’s a blast!


Oh! Don’t forget the programmable toys that roam around the rooms with direction from devices such as iPads, iPhones, and iPods. We have Ollie, Sphero, Dash&Dot, and an Ozobot. New this year is a flying machine. Look out!


Participants will have opportunities to learn stop motion photography and video creation, including with green screen technology.  This gives families an inside view on what we do here at Vacation MakerCamp. Follow along!


Returning MakerCampers will have opportunities to replay their old favorites or explore new projects and passions. We’re always adding to our program.  Whether it’s coding or soldering or directing their own films, participants will always have something new to satisfy their creative aspirations.

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