Eloy Arrives

After his flight from Puerto Rico, Eloy was picked up in Boston by Jessica who is fostering Eloy’s brother, Levi. The flight was delayed and Eloy didn’t arrive in Vermont until 10:00pm, just as I was getting extremely tired.

He was handed off to me in a McDonalds parking lot and I held him as my dad drove us home. He was calm and quiet. I tried giving him a chance to do his business before bringing him inside, but he was too scared to be on the grass. He just looked for a place to hide and headed for a bush. So we went inside instead. He met my mom first.

I brought him upstairs and put him in his bed. He was definitely looking for a hiding place. I covered him with a blanket and this settled him down. Eventually he willingly came out to take a sip of water. I offered him a little bowl of puppy chow and he demolished it with gusto. Then went back into his bed.

I was so tired. His bed was on top of my bed and Eloy leaned his head and paws out to put them on my leg. I kept a hand on his body in the bed. Well, I fell asleep and forgot all about him until morning when I woke up and found his bed empty.

He was hiding under the bed. There was a bunch of poop on the carpet and a pee spot too. To be expected! Poor guy was in a crate all day yesterday! We’ll be outside all day today so not to worry.

Right now Eloy is enjoying his spot under the bed, stretched out on his side relaxing. I’m letting him stay there as I drink coffee and psych myself up for the day. We are confined to home for two weeks in order to allow Eloy to adjust to his new station in life. That’s an agreement we made with the rescue organization.

Eloy is bigger than I expected him to be. I want him to stop growing right now, but I think he’s going to be huge.

Thinks I can’t see him if he can’t see me.

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