Hiding Under Furniture

Eloy, who doesn’t have a proper name yet, spends a great deal of time hiding under furniture. Sometimes he allows himself to be cuddled, but he seems to prefer hanging out in locations in which he has close cover over his head. Those are not places where humans can easily stroke his fuzzy fur.

We’re still getting to know each other. He’s only mildly interested in me so far. I’m looking forward to the day when he wags his tail when I come near. So far, I’m happy when he does try to get away from me.

I wonder, Have I got myself a lemon? Is this dog gonna break my heart? At least he seems pretty mellow in general. He’s not hyper or destructive.

I gave him a biscuit yesterday and he hid his head behind a chair to chew it. We spent some time yesterday kind of learning what it means to go for a walk. That only means strolling along the fence that goes around the pool. Eloy sits or lies down quite often during these little walks. It’s pretty cute, but I can’t wait until I can take him for a real walk.

Chewing his biscuit

There’s a deck chair he enjoys hiding under when we’re in the pool area. It’s the only one he’ll sit under. I tie the lease around the arm rest but Eloy isn’t going anywhere. He just likes to chill.


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