Puppy, who hasn’t been named yet, has been a little darling except for a few moments when he’s been a little monster.

He tries to chew my head

It was the end of the day and we were lounging on the bed. Gradually it escalated from play to aggression. He wasn’t mad or nasty but he was attempting to overpower me with his play. He put his jaws around my arm and wouldn’t stop. Saying no just seemed to excite him more.

“I get excited sometimes and overdo it”

I put him in his crate and he cried to the point of almost howling. I tolerated this for about five long minutes. I let him come back to the bed. He was less excited but he continued aggressively playing.

“Mommy don’t forget how cute I am most of the time”

I rolled over, turned off the light, and stayed still. I had a pillow over my head so he couldn’t chew my head. He was perplexed. He dug at my pillow to point I thought it would tear. This went on for a while.

“I don’t get agitated when I’m out in the pool area”

Eventually he gave up and went to sleep. If it had gone on much longer I would have been upset. Thoughts going through my mind were essentially, “Why did I adopt this thing?”

Enjoying some fresh water

He did wake up during the night needing to go outside. He peed and pooped. When we returned to the bed, he wanted to play. This time he was not being aggressive. Still, I rolled over and covered my head with my pillow. He got the message and pretty soon he was asleep again. I still wonder if I’m cut out for this.

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