Water bowl or swimming pool?

We got through the day without anymore outbursts of silly-aggro. We had some silliness though, plenty of it. Like, why does puppy have his foot in the water bowl?

Elaborate manicure?

We haven’t settled on a name yet but I’m leaning toward Neo. It’s a sweet little name like he’s a sweet little pup. It means “new”. He’s a new dog. Neo is the name of Keanu Reeves character in The Matrix.

Spa Day

I have a few backup names ready in case I change my mind. Some of them I like in theory but they don’t work so well in the mouth. Like, Levon.

Come on! Let’s get a selfie?!

So last night we did have to go outside at some ungodly hour. Upon return we did have a little trouble with Neo trying to play. But it was relatively benign. He went to sleep without aggro. Today the twins are coming over!

We’re gonna need a bigger pool

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