e-textiles using LilyPad electronics

For an introduction to what e-textiles are about, look at previous post here.

Here is a very introductory sewing tutorial (11:04):


What follows is an easy to follow documentation  that can be used as a tutorial with use of the e-sewing kit, with links to products, photos, and videos.

Today, the topic is using a kit.  There are guides at Sparkfun: Part One and Part Two.

Here are a few short clips from my process:

First, I show getting started (2:28):


Next (1:11):


And (0:37):


Further (0:37):

Continuing (1:05):


More (1:04):



And (0:38):


At this point: You have a complete project. You can use the project for multiple purposes.

It can be sewed or glued to almost anything and it can be sewed onto nearly anything.

esewing kit.JPG

3 thoughts on “e-textiles using LilyPad electronics

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