Using LilyPad Design Kit to learn basics #passthescopeEDU”

Clear here for earlier post about “what are e-textiles?”

My most recent post demonstrated the use of an “e-sewing kit” from Sparkfun Electronics.  

This post demonstrates use of a “design kit”.

The design kit is meant to be more flexible and creative.  There are more components that can be combined in more ways.  The basic electronic foundations are no different than the e-sewing kit.

Today I found a wonderful explanation of electrical circuitry.  My words in this post are not for the purpose of proving my facility with teaching electricity and magnetism concepts, but rather to document my learning path with e-textiles.  If you, as a blog reader, are looking for student-friendly explanations, I can point you to and their “bug lab.”


The battery holder used here is not from LilyPad.  I bought a ton of them at much lower cost.  The drawback is that you can’t use a fat needle because there isn’t room.  That makes threading the needle more difficult.  You can use a little device to help thread the needle if you must.


Making a simple circuit is simple, but not a waste.  I now use this to test batteries.  It’s with me all the time.

July 21, 2016, is our next #passthescopeEDU.  My plan at this point is to show some of these little projects discuss upcoming projects.  It will be a 5-10 minute periscope beginning at 1:00 pm.  Follow the hashtag and learn from all of us.  My Twitter handle is @msdayvt.  See you soon!

July 4

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