From Simple Circuit to Parallel Circuit #PassthescopeEDU

My first post on this topic: “E-texiles?”


Most recent previous post: “Simple Circuit”

This series of post documents my own process as I learn to use electronics.  Beginning with non-programmable circuitry sewn into fabric, moving then into microcontrollers, and eventually into Arduino programming.

Today’s post branches into parallel circuits.  Looks like this:


The tricky part that I had to learn is to wear my glasses and triple check which was positive end of LED mini-board and which was negative.  Another thing to look out for is the conductive thread hanging out on the bottom side of fabric.  The knots have to be trimmed down to prevent short circuits.  Finally, must check that needle pulls thread all the way through.  Not an easy matter to go back and undo if you realize you left some slack.


Three upcoming virtual events:

First:  #EdCampVoxer takes place July 5-9, 2016.  There are tons of Voxer chats available to participate in. I will facilitate “Making as Learning” and “Green Screen Video Production”.

Second:   #passthescopeEDU which takes places on July 21st with my session happening at 1pm. I will Periscope at the end of a week facilitating ArtDuino camp with a group of young campers in Vermont.

Third: There’s another virtual event coming up with will feature some use of e-textiles. EdCampGlobal, #ecg2016, takes place July 30th all day.  The session I’m facilitating will take place via periscope at 2pm while I’m at the Rutland Mini-Maker Faire in Vermont.  It will be my second year with an interactive booth.  We make mostly non-programmable robots, but I’m expanding the offerings to include e-textiles.

If you are interested in knowing more, please let me know.  You can tweet me @msdayvt or @CynthiaEDay.

What are you summer plans?

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