Four-Second Clips Show Gentle Nina Nurturing Babies


Already the title is too long and I’ve chosen too many clips, but at least the clips are short, short, short.  And dear.

In no particular order, here are some 4-second clips of Nina’s reactions to two new additions to my life. The twins arrived in 2016 when Nina was already 9 years old.  I mistakenly thought that time would stand still while I enjoyed my grandchildren and my mature dog. It. Did. Not.

But I saved a few moments in time to assist my recall of the prime memories of my short, ecstatic existence as a grandmother of little ones.  How did Nina know to insert herself into the frame?  Did she know I’d be replaying these clips for the rest of my life?

Like, I won’t be replaying every clip I’ve ever made of insignificant moments with coffee in hand or chillin’ by the pool.  But the clips with the babies will be revisted until the day I die.  Surely, Nina could not have understood this?  Either way, it worked.

The first four clips use the Boomerang App to show Nina checking out first the boy and then the girl, one at a time, as they lie under their little mobile.

Then she reclines on the sofa between the twins at either end.  And don’t worry, the coffee was cold and could not have landed on anyone but Nina or me.  Calm down.

Apropos only of fact that I was “helping” with the twins all weekend, here’s Nina on her way back from the vet where she’d stayed overnight. She’d had one of her health emergencies that would eventually lead to her demise.  Age was gonna get her eventually, to be fair.

This speeded-up clip shows Nina standing between me and the twins.  That was her signature way of claiming me as her own.  She never growled at a baby or did anything other than silently assert her ownership of me.

Here’s my granddaughter reaching out with her little hands to feel what Nina was all about, latching on her collar as she flailed.

Here she is again but Nina isn’t wearing her collar or harness.  Notice how baby’s mouth is wide open.  She wanted to taste Nina, and who could blame her?

Here’s the longest clip, 10 seconds of Nina lounging on the bed with granddaughter seeming to have some tummy time? She was maybe thinking about crawling?  Nina adjusts herself a tiny bit is all.

The last clip was filmed in a different location, the place where I live. It doesn’t show the twins, who are in the background somewhere, but shows Nina clinging to me as if to say, “What’s the deal? What are they doing here? It was fine when we went to their house, but this is taking it a bit too far…” Nina was afraid, quite unnecessarily, that she’d lose her spot in my heart. She’s kept that spot, though, even from the other side of the veil.



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